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#Business is just socialising with a purpose

“Life is a glorious release from ignorance”

This is my favourite quote of all time, and it’s from good old Hunter S Thompson.

I think that one could easily describe the journey of any young company with those exact words. You form amongst a torrent of excitement and ideas, raise money through enthusiasm and exhilaration, hit speed bumps with conviction and anxiety, make huge gains with exhilaration and hard work. There are many more moments that make up this journey, so unique to each and every startup. The point is that they are like a story, and that some protagonists, like in all good books, are there are the beginning and not at the end. The story happens, words written on a page describe a narrative that dictates the outcome, and before you know it they are gone. But I hope not forgotten. Those early protagonists set the scene, write the opening paragraphs for others to take over. They are the stage setters.

I have decided to move on from Movebubble this week as I felt that it was time for me to exit the Movebubble narrative. The relationships that form within an organization are what make or break it. Business is merely socializing with a purpose, and when those relationships and shared purposes disappear then the time comes to find another adventure. This was my moment of realisation, my release from ignorance. I found out that relationships change, and what you started as is not where you end up. My relationship with my co-founder and CEO changed, and was damaging to both the business and ourselves.

I do not regret my time at Movebubble in any way; I loved working there and am sad to leave. The friends I have made, the people I have worked with will be with me forever. They are the most talented bunch of people in the world, coming into work every day to change the world just a tiny bit. Little by little they make progress and my challenge to them is to continue with this focused mind. Keep on learning, and find that passion. You have inspired me to do the very same. You can achieve what you want, how you want it. I applaud you to go get ‘it’, and to make your life matter.

Thank you for all the patience you have offered me, the knowledge you have imparted on me and fun we have had. However, this is a very positive move for me. I am so excited about beginning a new book and an opening paragraph. Once again I am the author. I am now unrestricted to follow through with my conviction, to pursue another story and create the life I want.

I hope that I have made a difference to Movebubble in some way; I hope that I have helped set the stage for success. Good luck to you all.

In the infamous words of Disraeli,

“life is too short to be little”.

Now it’s my time to think BIG! Watch this space….





The Rap News

I was browsing around the World Wide Web and stumbled across this great little blog from OscarMassiveHands, showcasing music, funny videos and a post about the The Rap News. Robert Foster, founder of the Rap News, has created an iconic video blog called the Rap News, showcasing satirical views of many of the worlds political issues and making comments on most major news issues. Check this video below to see what i found on Oscar Massive Hands‘ Blog.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

Stay Hungry, stay foolish… the words of a wise man?

Lets face it, Steve Jobs did great things for the human race, technology and creativity in general. He made computers accesible, and working flair part of the technological world. Even my mum can email, tweet, and continuously follow me and comment on all my goings on on Facebook due to the ease of Apple Mac’s products. Steve Jobs noticed how the aesthetics of what you use are integrally linked to how you use them, and how much you want to use them.

Making Apple Macs beautiful was a key element to the success of the iPhone, iMac, and iPad. And so seeing as it was Steve Jobs who seemed to be the pioneer of this transformation he will be sorely missed at Apple and across the world. He seemed to hold an unwavering belief that he would change something, and so below is his Stanford Commencement Speech of 2005.

Pretty inspirational to all those Entrepreneurs out there.. myself included.

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