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Great coders are today’s rockstars!

This is a great little video about coding, and how it is not taught in schools (in this instance US schools – but i think we can assume in general).

Steve jobs quotes:

“Everyone in this country should learn how to programme a computer… because it teaches you how to think.”

I love that. I dont code. I want to learn how to code. I can certainly see how Drew (just the guy who created Dropbox) suggests it is similar to learning how to play an instrument in terms of the learning experience because coding is about pushing the realms of possibility. I want to be able to think of something, create something and then publish… Its exciting.

It’s amazing to see this new wave of tech engineering jobs (or lively hoods i prefer) being available but the skill base actually not even being there. This is an amazing thing to actually think about. I want to learn to code, as its the future. How cool is that. This video made me want to learn to code.

And the offices in this are so damn cool too. I love that i saw this question on the wall. Its now written and hanging above my computer.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid”


So check out the video below. And if anyone has any ideas as to the best way to learn how to code, let me know.

Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, will.i.am, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh, Drew Houston, Gabe Newell, Ruchi Sanghvi, Elena Silenok, Vanessa Hurst, and Hadi Partovi. Directed by Lesley Chilcott.


@Billgates talking about the future of Energy

Bill Gates is a good guy. Lets be honest. He is one the wealthiest people in the world, a true philanthropist and he has founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which believes all life on earth has equal right to equal opportunity and is dedicated to achieving this. They believe in optimism, rigour, innovation and collaboration to get there. Make sure you check out their website by clicking the link.

Bill understands that reducing the cost of energy and the carbon constraint is important for the development of the human race, and in particular this will assist in pulling the poorest in the world out of poverty. He pontificates we need to move towards near zero carbon emissions and suggests that we require one of five pariahs within the energy sector to materialise. He talks of carbon capture, batteries, alternative energy sources, fourth generation nuclear power plants, investment into renewables, good economics and innovation to get where we need to go.

Interestingly i was reading an article called Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt within the Harvard Business Review. He talks of dying industries, such as the Railroads, as they limited themselves by not understanding they were there to add value to customers. In it, he states that the ‘Oil’ businesses are in for a rough road, unless they expand their views to understand what they really give customers. I dont buy gas for my car, i buy the right to travel another 100 miles. Should these ‘Oil’ companies be focusing more on alternative sources of energy, becuase if they dont someone else will and then the ‘Oil’ industry might go the way of the railroad industry. Down.

I digress… watch video of Bill Gates to be inspired and hear about entrepreneurship in energy.

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