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What is marketing…?

I must admit, i think i hate what the word marketing has come to represent. Marketing people (and i think the general public) think  it represents advertising, direct mail, persistent one-to-one communication (aka bombardment), cookie ridden snooping, inbox flooding SPAM etc etc etc. Delete delete delete… It sounds as popular as the word politician and banker. But really it is so much more, so much more intrinsic to us all.

I am still learning (in my current role as CMO for Movebubble), every day the enormous role that marketing plays in any business. From customer listening, value setting, branding, message, tone of voice, social engagement, competition analysis, revenue streams, User Experience, product development and the list goes on. And, one might ask… what does that all means Logan?

I think the one thing that many business are so focussed on is B2C (business to consumer). I once wrote in another blog post that it was P2P (what i called people to people). I thought i was so clever… When i wrote this original blog post I had still envisaged a member of an organisation speaking, albeit as a person, to a customer (also another person). However since this P2P insight I have come to realise that the most crucial and valuable form of brand ‘marketing’ comes from personal recommendations i.e the interactions between your customers. Its C2C (customer to customer) as Mark Earls suggests in Herd; a book about how humans are built to interact; is the most important thing to understand and focus on.

‘I’ll have what he’s having‘ is how we are made. Its Cognitive Ease (did i just coin a phrase?)

We don’t like making decisions, hence we always take the easiest route… mentally that is. We are down right lazy. Again as Mark Earls says, we are homo-mimicus. We like to copy, its a survival instinct. I do listen to my friends and will often go the same movies as them, buy the same beer, eat at the same restaurants. So how does a company get into this, personal space. And should it? If it tries does it really just turn people off.

If your business is good enough, and performs a task beautifully and easily then is this enough to generate WOM (word of mouth) or as marketers now like to say ‘word of mouse’. The role of marketing is today; in my humble opinion all about lubricating the wheels of C2C communication. I am not sure there are any answers (that is that i have any), but i hope this makes you think a little about the role of marketing these days.

This blog is for me to put ideas out and see what people think. Engage and open up lines of dialogue. If any one has any thoughts on this, please let me know.

And on that note… “Waiter, can i have what he is having…? 


About loganjehall

I focus on building an internal culture focussed on listening to and working alongside customers to build value for all stakeholders. Real lasting change that understands the real needs of the customer is the only way to ensure a dynamic constant state of learning and innovation. I am a highly experienced sales, marketing and business professional with wide ranging experience in varied industries. Having worked in both B2B and B2C I understand sales and business is really about P2P (people to people) and therefore always focus on relationships and engagement. "Business is socialising with a purpose" (Gaping Void) Passion, people, vision, strategy, customers, advocates, believers, innovation, customer engagement, social, knowledge management and appropriate use of technology are vital in the attainment of business goals. I am a co-founder of Movebubble, a new technology startup in #Proptech. This blog is really here to allow me to develop my voice and ideas, and gain feedback from a wider audience than just the lecture or breakout room. Hopefully i can introduce some interesting points, and experiment with digital, marketing, engagement, social media and SEO techniques and tips i am learning on the way. I hope you enjoy my posts, please let me know what you think with some feedback.


5 thoughts on “What is marketing…?

  1. Very much agree with your dislike of the word marketing. I find it interesting it’s taken so long for business to understand ‘customer relations’.
    We’ve separated business and elevated it above people and marketed down towards them when the best way to approach it is in the same way we would make and maintain friendships. Consider your best friends and why they are so. It’s built on trust, reliability, ethics and enjoyment.

    Posted by Pete Adams | October 7, 2013, 11:37 pm
    • Pete you are so right. Get to know your users, your customer, your employees, and make sure you are focussed on delivering customer value and solving a task better. Don’t focus on building a new service or product and telling your customers it exists. That’s old hat one way marketing. The boundaries between customers and company no longer exist…

      Posted by loganjehall | October 11, 2013, 9:56 pm
  2. “The role of marketing is today; in my humble opinion all about lubricating the wheels of C2C communication.” I agree. These days, it is also a lot easier to exchange opinions and reviews because of the access to information technology.
    In the old days, companies used to press-release and publish (newspapers) information/hype about themselves. These days, the consumer does most of the writing for the company. The company does not write about itself – others write about the company. The roles have shifted. The consumer creates the image for the company.

    Knowing that – you are right – the role of marketing today is to facilitate the good word of mouth.

    Posted by ksenmarkets | October 7, 2013, 11:48 pm


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