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What Gerald Celente says.. China, 1.3 Billion people and a Million problems

Here is a quick 20 minute interview with Gerald Celente from the Tommy Schnurmacher Show, on the 09.11.11. We are all aware that Gerald Celente has been scarily correct with many of his predictions on economic and social events, such as the 2008 financial crash, the London Riots, the Gold Bull Run and even the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Some say he is a living Nostradamus, but that could be a little sensationalist. He does however, paint an interesting picture, and has some scary predictions and I believe his viewpoint is definitely worth hearing. Founder of the Trend Research Institute and Direct Democracy Now he is a big advocate in shifting the current economic and political systems, to spread the wealth and power around to all constituents, rather than just a few.

In this interview, he states that the world economy is more connected than we could ever imagine, and that the engine we believed was going to pull the world from this current Financial Crisis, China, is not working. If the West does not consume, the Chinese does not manufacture and that Chile and Brazil will follow suite as a supplier of natural resources. Mr Celente suggests until we have hit rock bottom we do not act, and that this is Global Destabilisation.

In this he also talks of a ‘New World Order’ that has been passed around as a Conspiracy Theory for years, but begins to argue that this is happening now. As the US Federal Reserve lends Trillions of US $’s to Banks, which lend to Governments that default on loan payments, the power shift toward the economic elite is enormous. This could be classed as a land grab, for all the natural resources, electric supply, land and farming by those in control. He argues that bailouts are not bailouts, but instead control through debt. The more indebted a country, the higher the taxes, the more the people work to pay the loan interest owed to a few.

Its all pretty scary stuff, but i think that this is important to hear, so that we can aim to develop and implement a plan to avert this pending shift. Although my question is, seeing as the Global Economy is so very complicated that not only can we not fully understand it, what actions can actually be taken to make change?


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