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Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

Stay Hungry, stay foolish… the words of a wise man?

Lets face it, Steve Jobs did great things for the human race, technology and creativity in general. He made computers accesible, and working flair part of the technological world. Even my mum can email, tweet, and continuously follow me and comment on all my goings on on Facebook due to the ease of Apple Mac’s products. Steve Jobs noticed how the aesthetics of what you use are integrally linked to how you use them, and how much you want to use them.

Making Apple Macs beautiful was a key element to the success of the iPhone, iMac, and iPad. And so seeing as it was Steve Jobs who seemed to be the pioneer of this transformation he will be sorely missed at Apple and across the world. He seemed to hold an unwavering belief that he would change something, and so below is his Stanford Commencement Speech of 2005.

Pretty inspirational to all those Entrepreneurs out there.. myself included.


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